The photos of Prado Amor make us see our village with different eyes. Every day we walk through the streets without noticing everyday things, for example a window.

or a door in the street,

or how dramatic the streets are at night.

She captures it, and helps us to open our eyes and see what is around us.

We go into the bar La Flor, and there are gentlemen playing as if they had stepped out of a Cezanne painting. But in black and white, so you see more of the composition and the people. You can see the muscles, how they focus on the game.

She has captured the most emblematic places of our village, like the cemetery on the eve of All Saints’ Day,

the Hermitage,

and the Calvary.

And when we go out into the countryside, we can see the village in all its surroundings.

Prado captures magnificent skies

and misty days

and we realise that those of us who live here are privileged to be surrounded by such wonderful scenery.


Prado Amor also has a page on Facebook

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